Anita's Story

Anita is a Meath-based artist who works with ceramics and textiles to create unique pieces
for the home and garden. From her studio nestled in the Boyne Valley Anita draws inspiration from the natural and historic heritage that surrounds her. Nature is a huge inspiration. Anita loves to walk the bogs, lanes, meadows, woods and historical sites around her home taking photographs for her work. Since 2020 she has left her teaching job to work full time as an artist from her studio beside her home.

Anita creates images on fabric that are full of texture and colour. She uses batik to create landscapes which are then quilted and embellished to give a relief effect. Each piece is finished with free machine and hand embroidered techniques. Anita also works in clay creating pieces inspired by native Irish trees. Several products are stamped with a gaelic printers type once used by her father and grandfather in their printing business. Heritage and history are brought to life once more in these unique ceramic pieces.

Her work is now exhibited in many art galleries and craft/design stores around Ireland. Anita is a member of Design Ireland, VAI, Teachers Council, chairperson of Meath Made (creative collective). With assistance from Meath Local Enterprise and the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland Anitas’ business is growing and she is continuously designing and creating new products. She has also received assistance from Forus na Gaeilge with her Irish products.

Anita believes that art should be a positive experience. Her work is colourful, vibrant and inspired by many artists including Georgia O’Keefe and Matisse. She is thoroughly enjoying her new career which gives her time and freedom to develop her work. She is available for commissions, workshops and percentage for art projects. She loves to create artwork, which is joyful, colourful and inspired by our beautiful precious natural world.


Nature is at the heart of what Anita does. That’s why she is always looking for new ways to offset carbon emissions and give back to the natural environment that brings her so much inspiration. Her efforts to be more sustainable include sourcing environmentally friendly packaging materials, switching to renewable energy sources, and planting native Irish trees. By supporting her art, you are also supporting her mission to give back to the environment and become more sustainable.

Anita recently took part in a Green for Micro scheme with Meath LEO.


Anita’s ceramic and textile works make beautiful bespoke gifts for all occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or memorial, she will work closely with you to make something special and personal. Anita can incorporate your own photographs or even pieces of fabric that have sentimental value to make a piece that is truly unique.