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Anita Reynolds Art

Lantern Beith - Birch

Lantern Beith - Birch

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Said to be loving and pure, birch is associated with the festival of Halloween which is the start of the Gaelic new year. Purification was important and bundles of birch twigs were believed to drive out the spirits of the old year.


Birch is also a symbol of spring, being one of the first trees to bear fruit after winter. It is also associated with fertility, being almost always one of the first species to regrow in places of tragedy such as forest fires. Birch is a beautiful tree with a bright silver bark. Anita has several birches growing in her garden providing dappled shade in the summer time.


Your lantern has been crafted using handpicked leaves from Anita’s garden in Co. Meath. Each leaf has been carefully imprinted into the clay creating a unique design just for you. With birch in your home you may feel protected and surrounded with care, affection and new life.


 Your lantern comes with a bilingual information card explaining the folklore of your tree and is posted in a recyclable cardboard box. It is created in earthenware and you can light a candle inside. Be careful however as it  may become hot to touch.

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