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Anita Reynolds Art

Lantern Coll - Hazel

Lantern Coll - Hazel

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Associated with wisdom and inspiration. An Irish legend tells how a hazel tree grew beside a well of wisdom. Its nuts fell into the pool and were eaten by a salmon which became the Salmon of Knowledge in one of our most famous tales. A tree of knowledge and poetic inspiration, hazel grows abundantly in damp places.


Anita has wonderful memories of a magical hazel woodland surrounding an ancient well where she grew up. Providing dappled shade and nourishing hazel nuts, they are wonderful trees to have in any garden.


Your lantern has been crafted using handpicked leaves from Anita’s garden in Co. Meath. Each leaf has been carefully imprinted into the clay   creating a unique design just for you. 

With hazel in your home, you may feel you are surrounded with the ancient wisdom of the Gaels.


 Your lantern comes with a bilingual information card explaining the folklore of your tree and is posted in a recyclable cardboard box. It is created in earthenware and you can light a candle inside. Be careful however as it  may become hot to touch.

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