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Anita Reynolds Art

Lantern Dair - Oak

Lantern Dair - Oak

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Noble and strong, being the most royal of Irish trees, oak can often be found near ancient sites around Ireland and in the last remnants of our ancient oak forests that once covered the entire island. 

Oak is a symbol of kingship, associated with strength and fertility. Strong and majestic, oak is a beautiful tree that can live for thousands of years.

Your oak lantern has been crafted using handpicked leaves from Anita’s garden in Co. Meath. Each leaf has been carefully imprinted into the clay, creating a unique design just for you. 


With oak in your home you may feel embraced by ancient power and vitality.


 Your lantern comes with a bilingual information card explaining the folklore of your tree and is posted in a recyclable cardboard box. It is created in earthenware and you can light a candle inside. Be careful however as it  may become hot to touch.

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